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Clarks Pond Trail

A 1.1 Mile Trail with Plenty to Offer

The Clarks Pond Trail is the hub of an ambitious trail network envisioned by the South Portland Land Trust and supported by local citizens, businesses and the City of South Portland. This beautiful 1.1 mile woodland trail follows the western and southern shores of the pond to emerge on Westbrook Street. By following sidewalks 6/10 of a mile, you can complete a loop hike.

The trail is rich with local history. From the 1930s to the 1950s, ice was commercially harvested from the pond to keep local ice boxes cool in the summer months (see video). The 1.7 mile loop is popular. Most visitors can complete the loop in about an hour. You may want to take more time to enjoy the scenery.

The Clarks Pond Trail was the first major project of the West End Trails Committee, a sub-committee of the South Portland Land Trust dedicated to making the west end of the city friendlier for pedestrians and cyclists.