Creating a New Vision

Charting a Course for a Better Community


The South Portland Land Trust is committed to linking neighborhoods and improving quality of life in our city through five major initiatives.


Expanding our trail network: 15 Miles of Trails with Many More in the Works

South Portland has 14 miles of coastline. Our greenbelt trail carries users past Simonton Cove, the historic settler's cemetery, the Spring Point Light, the Ferry Village neighborhood, Mill Cove, the downtown Marketplace, Pleasantdale Cove, and the Wainwright ball fields.  We are striving to link together all 15 South Portland neighborhoods and to connect with the Cape Elizabeth and Portland trail systems, as well as the Eastern Trail.
Conserving open space
About 800 acres of South Portland's 8000 acres is still vacant, but development will likely continue at in-fill properties, subdivisions, the Maine Mall area and developable pieces of waterfront property.

Publicly owned open space in South Portland currently occupies only about 230 acres:

       • City parks cover approximately 94 Acres
       • School playgrounds cover 90.5 acres
       • The municipal golf course covers 34 acres
The SPLT is dedicated to finding ways to work with the city and landowners to conserve and protect open space by creating neighborhood "pocket" parks, providing shoreline access, protecting wetlands, securing abandoned rail lines, creating creekside buffers, developing community gardens and protecting land that provides exceptional views.

  Encouraging the acquisition of open space

The SPLT can stay ahead of the growth in South Portland by fully cataloguing potential open space properties and working proactively and cooperatively with the development community to protect critical open space and enhance parks and trails to optimize benefits for all users.

Providing educational awareness

The SPLT is committed to raising awareness about the importance of open space and trail networks and encouraging best management practices for both public and private land.

Building productive relationships

The SPLT gets things done by building strong working relationships with a variety of stakeholders including city, state and federal government, local businesses, citizens of South Portland and fellow conservation groups to ensure the wise use of funding and the greatest possible result for our efforts.