An Unexpected Walk in the Woods


One of my favorite trails in the SPLT trail system is the Long Creek Trail in the Brick Hill area of the West end of the city. It’s a wonderful traverse along the top of the ridge with views down through towering oaks to Long Creek itself. While you can never escape the constant whir of the traffic on I-295 across the river, the trail does offer a rare escape to a woodland trail. I often combine a one-way hike on the trail with a walk on the paved road leading back to my vehicle—a total of 1.5 miles.

I have hiked the trail in all seasons and particularly enjoy late fall visits when the oaks are still holding on to their leaves and the last few snow free days are upon us. Bring binoculars as you may spot eiders, mallards and other birds frequenting the marsh grasses behind the Olde English Village community on the other side of the scenic viewpoint at the southern end of the trail.

Jeff Ryan
SPLT Board Member
July, 2019

SPLT Program Manager