Be a part of South Portland's future.

SPLT thrives because people like you contribute in many ways.

Want to get involved?
Let's find an opportunity for you that fits your lifestyle and values.



Membership with South Portland Land Trust is a primary way you can get involved.

Support from our members has helped us preserve nine land areas we now enjoy as wild open space and public parks, and enabled us to create seven trails on other properties. 

In fact, there is 3.6% more land in South Portland conserved - a total of 399 acres set aside - due to the work of SPLT.


South Portland Land Trust volunteers contribute in many ways:

  • Monitoring and maintaining trails and parks

  • Taking the lead on preservation projects

  • Raising vital funds

  • Dropping in for a clean up day

  • Building a project like a dam or walkway

  • Serving on the Board of Directors

  • And more!

Contact us to discover an opportunity for yourself!


There are many other ways to help. For instance:

  • Donating land or an easement on your land

  • Donating stock or other gifts

  • Memorial and tribute giving

  • Donating with an employer match

  • Becoming a business sponsor

  • Advocating for a project with local representatives

Contact us to express your interest. We will work with you to identify a contribution that meets your needs, lifestyle and values.


Make an investment in our shared future.