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Thomas Knight Park

Gateway to South Portland

While enjoying a leisurely walk or bike ride along Waterman Drive, it may be hard to imagine that just over a decade ago, this was the busiest thoroughfare in the city. The former Million Dollar Bridge, (which spanned the Fore River carried traffic to and from Portland from 1916 to 1997), entered South Portland where Thomas Knight Park is located today. On Labor Day 1997, the new Casco Bay Bridge opened, taking traffic away from Waterman Drive and creating a more pedestrian friendly area.

Recent improvements on Waterman Drive include dedicated pedestrian sidewalks and the addition of shade trees. The 1.5 acre Thomas Knight Park and Knightville Landing boasts a public dock (see boater rules and fee schedule) with benches for relaxing. A pedestrian ramp also allows access to the Casco Bay Bridge from the park and is a popular route for daily commutes into Portland. The eastern end of Waterman Drive intersects with the Greenbelt Walkway (distance 1/2 mile).