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Red Brook Trail Map & Description

Phase one of the Red Brook Trail was constructed in the fall of 2008. Currently the trail leads from the Clark’s Pond Trail along the bank above Red Brook, offering a pleasant one-way walk of about 1/3 mile. Plans for phase two include adding a spur leading out to Clark’s Pond Parkway and another spur on the western end that will lead another 1/2 mile to the Maine Mall. When that section of trail is completed, it will be possible to walk from the mall to the intersection of Westbrook Street and Broadway without setting foot on pavement (a distance of well over 2 miles).

Getting There

The best way to access the Red Brook Trail is via the Clark’s Pond Trail. Park in the Home Depot parking lot (off of Clark’s Pond Parkway), then walk the short distance on the Clark’s Pond Trail to the trail junction with the Red Brook Trail.

Clarks Pond Pkwy