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Long Creek Trail Map & Description

The Long Creek Trail currently stretches about a mile along the north side of the water body it is named for. The trail is currently “rough cut”, that is to say, marked and passable. Significant improvements are scheduled for the spring of 2009 to bring the trail up to the construction standards of the Clark’s Pond Trail. At that time, bog bridging and erosion control features will be added. We urge people to enjoy the trail in the meantime, although we do ask that you tread lightly on the trail and to be prepared to encounter a few muddy sections.

The SPLT plans to add connections to either end of the trail in the near future, so that hikers can access Westbrook Street on the west end and the Stroudwater trail network of trails to the northeast. In the meantime, we urge hikers to park their vehicle at the Youth Alternatives Ingraham lot and to explore from there. From the parking area, go down the embankment about 10 feet to join the trail. The path follows high above Long Creek (great views through the trees in winter and spring). As the Creek narrows, the trail joins a well graded section, then leads nearly due west to culminate at a viewpoint. From here one can look across to the wooded bank where the treaty creating South Portland was signed. To get back to your car, you can either backtrack on the trail or you can make your way upslope through an open field to junction with the road leading back to the parking area. We ask that you respect the privacy of those living in nearby residences.

Getting There

Turn onto Westbrook Street from the junction of Westbrook Street and Western Avenue in South Portland. Go about 1/2 mile until you see the entrance to Brick Hill on the right. Take this right, then bear left as you go up the hill. Take the road all the way to the end and park in the Youth Alternatives Ingraham lot.

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