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Hinckley Park Loop

The trail system in Hinckley Park offers a number of loop hikes, both large and small. The terrain of the park is equally varies, combining woodland stretches, walks along the shore and even an open pasture. The lower end of the park is toward the parking area off of Highland Ave. The trails generally gain elevation as you walk toward Stillman Street. The outermost loop comprises a hike of 3/4 miles. In addition to the trails shown here, there a number of side trails have been established over the years to provide access from the Whitworth Drive and Simmons Road neighborhoods. The park is a popular destination for dog walkers year round. 

Getting There

There are two parking areas for accessing Hinckley Park. By far the most popular is the lot located off of Highland Avenue, which has room for several cars. There is also room for a few cars in a small turnout located next to Stillman Street.