Through the Marshes Cycling Route Map & Description

Detailed Route Description — 23.0 mile loop
Mill Creek Park to Crescent Beach State Park (4.8 mi.)
Leave Hannaford Supermarket parking lot heading west on Hinckley Drive. Turn left onto Ocean St., then continue straight through the light at Broadway on Ocean House Rd/Rt 77 for 4.8 miles to the entrance of Crescent Beach State Park. This is a heavily travelled route, but is graced by bike lanes most of the way. The stretch from the Pond Cove shopping plaza to Crescent Beach State Park is particularly enjoyable. Less than one mile before the park entrance, Rt 77 takes a sweeping right turn, passing a substantial inn on the left, then a large farm.  

Crescent Beach State Park to Spurwink Church (1.1 mi.)
Trip distance to this point: 5.9 miles.
A beautiful ride of just over a mile will take you to Spurwink Church, where you will bear left to continue on Rt 77.Just past the church is a cemetery with views of the Libby River and surrounding marsh, but continuing down the hill another .4 miles will take you to a better rest spot, the observation deck over the river itself.

Spurwink Church to Higgins Beach (2.8 mi.)

Trip distance to this point:8.7 miles.
Just past the Libby River and marsh overlook, the road bears around a sweeping left turn (passing Sawyer Street on the right), then takes you over a few small hills (intermittent views of the marsh being your reward). You’ll pass Pleasant Hill Road on your right and continue straight on Rt 77. A pedestrian crosswalk and seasonal store mark the entrance to Ocean Ave and the .5 mile side trip to Higgins Beach. To continue your ride, take a right onto Bayview Ave and loop back to Ocean Ave to get back onto Rt 77. 

Higgins Beach to Scarborough Beach (2.1 mi.)
Trip distance to this point:10.8 miles.
At  the junction of Ocean Ave and Rt 77, bear left, then follow Rt 77 until it ends at its junction with Black Point Road (a distance of 1.1 miles). Bear left onto Black Point Road. You will soon be treated to views of Scarborough Marsh on your right. One mile after your turn onto Black Point Road, you will pass the entrance to Scarborough Beach (seasonal fee).

Scarborough Beach to Ferry Beach (1.1 mi.)

Total trip distance:11.9 miles.
Leaving Scarborough Beach, continue .4 miles. Bear right onto Ferry Beach Road and proceed .3 miles to the beach (seasonal fee).

Ferry Beach to End of Black Point Road (1.1 mi.)
Total trip distance:13.0 miles.
At the junction of Ferry Beach Road and Black Point Road, bear right and follow Black Point Road to its terminus. There are marvelous views here of the ocean and back toward Ferry Beach. If you want to get off your bike and stretch, you can take advantage of a bike rack located at the end of the road (lock your bike), then walk on the nearby nature path also know for extraordinary views. (Please respect nearby landowner’s privacy, and as always, carry out anything you carry in.)

End of Black Point Road to Pleasant Hill Road (4.0 mi.)
Total trip distance:17.0 miles.
From the end of Black Point Road, backtrack 2.5 miles and bear right on Rt 77. Continue backtracking another 5.5 miles and bear left on Pleasant Hill Road (narrow shoulders).

Pleasant Hill Road to Start/Finish point (6.0 mi.)
Total trip distance:23.0 miles.
After a 1.7 mile, moderately rolling ride on Pleasant Hill Road, bear right onto Highland Ave. (bike shoulders return). Stay on Highland Ave for 3.7 miles, eventually passing Hinckley Park and dropping downhill to reach Rt 77. (Heavy traffic here. Please obey traffic signals.) Go straight at the light, and proceed .3 miles to junction with Cottage Road. Bear left on Cottage, cross Broadway, and proceed .1 miles back to your starting point.

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View along Rt 77 on way to Crescent Beach State Park (Google Maps)
Spurwink Church
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Higgins Beach
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Entrance to Scarborough Beach
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Ferry Beach from Black Point Road
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Turn left onto Pleasant Hill Road
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Highland Avenue
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